Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finally a 2nd Project!

I am obviously *not* a 'professional' blogger - it's been 9 months since my last post, haha.  I spend a LOT of time online looking at blogs though, and I *think* about things I could post, just never quite get around to it.  Today I think I found a "round tuit" and decided to post. 

I have been collecting auction stuff for a year and a half (the barn is only part of the picture - I have a shed and storage room with many other future projects!).   Don't ask me what I intend to do with all this stuff - I don't have a shop, my house is already pretty full, I just can't let things get thrown away ...  I'm afraid I am a future subject of "Hoarders".

This little cart was a freebie from an auction- no one wanted it so I said "I'll take it home and save it from the dump." 

These pictures are after I cleaned it up - it was covered with who knows how many years of grease and dirt, and came with free mud dauber nests :-) 

I sanded her down using my palm sander until all the rust was gone and painted her with my favorite red - Krylon Cherry Red in gloss.  I am not good at the whole staging thing, so decided to let Mother Nature provide the stage (meaning, here's a gratuitous shot of a few of the bluebonnets in my back yard, lol). 

She is destined for my porch.  I hope to get the porch cleaned up one of these days so I can show photos of it.  My house is currently a kind of tan/khaki color with maroon trim.  My dream is to paint it a buttery yellow, with white trim, and a turquoise door.  I love the combination of turquoise, red, and yellow - colors that just make me happy!